15 July 2012

დიმიტრი შევარდნაძე Dimitri Shevardnadze

Dimitri Shevardnadze
Georgian painter, art collector and intellectual
1885 – 1937

გიგო გაბაშვილი Gigo GabaSvili

Giorgi "Gigo" Gabashvili (Georgian: გიორგი (გიგო) გაბაშვილი) (November 9, 1862 – October 28, 1936) was a Georgian painter and educator. His work was particularly influential since he was the first Georgian realistic artist to cover a wide range of subjects, both in oils and watercolor, including portraits, landscapes and scenes of everyday life.

დავით კაკაბაძე David Kakabadze

Davit' Kakabadze (Georgian: დავით კაკაბაძე) (August 8, 1889 – May 10, 1952) was a Georgian avantgarde painter, graphic artist and scenic designer. He was also an art scholar and innovator in the field of cinematography as well as an amateur photographer. Kakabadze’s works are notable for combining innovative interpretation of European "Leftist" art with Georgian national traditions, on which he was an expert.